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Plato, Hegel and Drawings on a Wall

In the Republic, a dialogue about justice, Socrates and a group of young men put poetry or artwork on trial. One of the primary pieces of evidence against art is that it is deceptive. For instance, one can paint a... Continue Reading →

The Comedy of Democracy: Thanksgiving with Hegel

Cooking a large Thanksgiving meal, I believe, is a complicated affair.  Everyone who does it tells me it is and seeing all the dirty dishes at the end of a meal, I fully believe them.  I, however, cannot cook and... Continue Reading →

Remind me again of why I love you…

From the Greek, philosophy means the love of or desire for wisdom.   So when you think about it, philosophy is a pretty romantic gig. Like dating someone you actually like and want to know better. Except in this instance,... Continue Reading →

Self Awareness for Self-Worth: Why I am not The Trampoline Queen

The purpose or telos of human existence according to Hegel is self-consciousness.  When someone is fully self-conscious the things that she thinks she knows are actually true.  In other words, when self-conscious or self-aware my perception of the world and, more... Continue Reading →

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